Childrens Activities

Keeping kids occupied can be hard especially in the long summer holidays or on days when the weather is not so good. But, it's good fun (and potentially better for them) to find activities for them to do rather than allowing them to sit in front of the TV or play video games all the time. Let's take a look at some popular activities:

Days/trips out

This doesn't have to involve spending a lot of money to go to a theme park or other attraction. You can, for example, get into many major museums free of charge and kids all generally like following activity trails here. You can also simply take them down to the local park to play in the playground, kick a ball around with their mates or ride on their bikes. Try getting a few of their friends together and take a picnic to make the day longer and more fun.

Creative activities

Although great for rainy days creative activities can be enjoyed at any time. Junk modelling is always a good choice and can be fun for all ages of children. Painting and drawing are also popular activities for many kids. For a change you could also try something different - for example, encourage your child/children to make their own hand made cards or to start scrapbooking.

Indoor games

If you have a few kids in the house then there are various games you can get them to play to keep them busy. Set up a treasure hunt and have them search through the house and/.or garden to find objects. You can use photos as clues here for younger children. If they are stuck indoors give them a couple of dining room chairs and a blanket and let them go 'camping'.

Outdoor games

If your kids get bored playing with their toys in the garden then find them something else for them to do. Let them play with chalks on paving stones to see who can create the best 'masterpiece'. Let them bring out all their dolls and bears and have a teddy bears picnic. You can even turn gardening into a game as they will love helping you weed or water your plants!


Kids love cooking so you can while away an hour or two by cooking with them. Buy or borrow a kid's recipe book, let them pick a recipe and then help them prepare it. They'll have fun, will enjoy eating the finished results and will learn a lot without realising it!